You can either download the latest release from Github, or using your OS package manager with our Packages.

To download to ~/liquidprompt, run:

git clone --branch stable ~/liquidprompt

Or, if you want to use the development (non-stable) branch:

git clone ~/liquidprompt

If you do not have git, you can download and extract the source in zip or gzip format directly from the release page.

Installation via Antigen

To install via Antigen, simply add the following line in your .zshrc after activating Antigen:

antigen bundle nojhan/liquidprompt

Installation via Zinit

To install via Zinit, simply add the following lines in your .zshrc after activating Zinit:

zinit ice ver"stable" lucid nocd
zinit light nojhan/liquidprompt


Liquidprompt uses commands that should be available on a large variety of Unix systems:

  • awk

  • grep

  • logname

  • ps

  • sed

  • uname

Some features depend on specific commands. If you do not install them, the corresponding feature will not be available, but no error will be displayed. See the Config Options for more information about available features and what tools they require.

  • Terminal formatting requires tput.

  • Time display requires date.

  • Detached session status looks for screen and/or tmux.

  • VCS support features require git, hg, svn, bzr or fossil for their respective repositories.

Test Drive

To test the prompt immediately after download, run:

source ~/liquidprompt/liquidprompt

Adjust the path if you installed to a different location that the suggested ~/liquidprompt.

Shell Installation

To use Liquidprompt every time you start a shell, add the following lines to your .bashrc (if you use Bash) or .zshrc (if you use zsh):

# Only load Liquidprompt in interactive shells, not from a script or from scp
[[ $- = *i* ]] && source ~/liquidprompt/liquidprompt

Adjust the path if you installed to a different location that the suggested ~/liquidprompt.


Check in your .bashrc that the PROMPT_COMMAND variable is not set, or else the prompt will not be available. If you must set it or use a add-on that sets it, make sure to set PROMPT_COMMAND before you source Liquidprompt to avoid history and timing issues. Do not export PROMPT_COMMAND.


If you are using bash-preexec, be aware that bash-preexec must come before liquidprompt in your .bashrc. This contradicts their documentation, which says “[bash-preexec] must be the last thing imported in your bash profile”, but since Liquid Prompt special-cases bash-preexec, it must be loaded after bash-preexec.

Next up are the Config Options.