Liquidprompt has a strong data and theming engine, allowing it to be extremely flexible and customizable.

The Default Theme has a templating engine (previously called “themes” in Liquidprompt version 1), that allows for custom prompt ordering in the default theme.

Liquidprompt ships with some Included Themes other than the default as well.

See the Liquidprompt Theme List on the wiki for user created themes.

If you want to create your own theme, see Custom Themes.

Switching Themes

Liquidprompt can switch between themes on the fly. The shell does not need to be reloaded, and no files need to be sourced after the initial source.

To load (but not activate) a theme, simply source the theme file. For example, to load the included Powerline theme, source the theme file:

$ source themes/powerline/powerline.theme

Now both the default theme and Powerline are loaded. To show what themes are loaded and available, run lp_theme():

$ lp_theme --list

To switch to a different theme, call lp_theme() with the name of the theme as the argument:

$ lp_theme powerline

The prompt will immediately take on the new theme.

To switch back to the default theme, call lp_theme() again with default as the argument instead.

If you add the theme source commands to your shell startup file, you will have your favorite themes ready to be switched to at any time.