Liquid Prompt’s documentation

Liquid Prompt is an adaptive prompt for Bash & Zsh that gives you a nicely displayed prompt with useful information when you need it. It does this with a powerful theming engine and a large array of data sources.

If you just want a short overview of the main Liquid Prompt features, see the “Why Liquid Prompt?” section.

To actually get started, view the Installation documentation, which includes instructions for trying Liquid Prompt temporarily.

To know more about the available features, see the Theming section, which has some explanations on what’s displayed on your prompt, and the Config Options, which lists all that change the behavior of the prompt.

For making your own theme, see the Custom Themes section. If you need to dig more in the code, you can browse the Functions section.

To check what changed in a release, check the Release Notes, and if you plan to do an upgrade, see Upgrading Liquid Prompt, and look for deprecated options.

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