Version 1.12 Release Notes

Most of the changes in 1.12 are accumulated bug fixes, but a few features made it in as well.

Runtime Bell

A new feature, similar to the displayed last command runtime, is to ring the terminal bell when the running command exits, if the runtime was over a threshold. This can be used to notify when a long running command has finished.


Permissions Mark

The : mark between the hostname and the current directory was a constant string, but now it has a config option: LP_MARK_PERM.

Preset Color Aliases

The 5 value of the basic colors is often named “magenta”, but in Liquid Prompt it has always been “purple”, and the bold version is “pink”.

To make the options more standard, an alias for PURPLE is MAGENTA, and PINK now has aliases of BOLD_PURPLE and BOLD_MAGENTA.

Speed Improvements

Improvements to the startup process have cut startup times by at least 30% in all cases.