Version 2.0 Release Notes

Version 2.0 had to break a few eggs, but got a lot of reward out of it. This release is full of new features and improvements.

Speed Improvements

By removing subshells, exec, and other fork ing calls, the whole project has seen incredible speed improvements, anywhere from 1.5 to 10 times as fast.

Theme Engine

Thanks to the new data source functions (see below), themes are able to change everything about how the prompt is displayed, instead of only color and element order. See Theming.

Example Themes

Liquidprompt now ships with some example themes showcasing how the new theme engine works. They are also fulling working themes that you can use as your daily drivers. See Included Themes.

Data Sources

To power the themes, all of the data sources in Liquidprompt have been broken out into individual data functions that can be called by themes. They are also documented in detail in Data Functions.

Path Advanced Formatting

The current directory path has had an overhaul, now supporting formatting for different path sections, highlighting the last directory and the VCS repository root directory. Any shortened directories are lowlighted instead. Multiple path shortening methods are now supported as well.

See LP_PATH_METHOD and LP_COLOR_PATH for more information.

Version Control Interface

Before, each version control provider had its own function for displaying repository information. Now there is a unifying interface over all VCS providers that themes can use to display any VCS provider the same as all the others. See Version Control Data Functions.

The default theme now uses this interface to display all VCS providers in the same way (similar to how Git was displayed before). See Default Theme Functions.

Version Control Tracking updates without directory change

Before, if git init or similar was run in a directory, Liquidprompt would not display any repository information until the current directory was changed. Thanks to the speed improvements, Liquidprompt now checks for a repository at each prompt, while still being faster than version 1.12.

Activate Function

Before, when changing the user config file, a user needed to source liquidprompt again to load their config changes (or exec bash or exec zsh). Now that all of the initialization code has been refactored into lp_activate, running lp_activate after modifying the config file or installing a new feature dependent program like git is all that is needed!


The often lacking README documentation has been re-written with Sphinx to make this much improved documentation source.

Unit Tests

A whole suite of unit tests has been added to test the data and untility functions. A handful of bugs were caught using the tests, so the investment has already paid off!

Dirstack Feature

Shell directory stack display is now in the prompt! If there are directories on the stack (from pushd), the number of directories in the stack is shown next to the current path. See LP_ENABLE_DIRSTACK for more information.