Version 2.1 Release Notes

Version 2.1 has a whole host of new data sources, features, and compatibility fixes.

Title Command

Liquid Prompt can now display the currently running command as part of the terminal title. See LP_ENABLE_TITLE_COMMAND for more information.

Development Environments

Multiple new development environments are now detected and displayed, including AWS profiles, container environment, kubectl context, Node.js, Ruby, and Terraform workspace.

Some of these sections are disabled by default, so see their respective config options for more details and how to enable them:

Linux sysfs interface

Both battery and temperature information now support reading from the sysfs interface on Linux. This means sensors and acpi are no longer required to get battery and temperature information, and the data source is much faster.

Wireless Signal Strength

A new feature exists to track wireless signal strength, and display the value if it falls below a threshold, similar to the battery feature. See LP_ENABLE_WIFI_STRENGTH for more information.

Shell Nesting Level

A new feature to display the number of nested shells. See LP_ENABLE_SHLVL for more information.


The whole project is now checked with ShellCheck, which has already caught a few issues, and will help prevent regressions.

Bash-preexec Compatibility

Liquid Prompt now supports running along side bash-preexec. Simply load Liquid Prompt after bash-preexec.